Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Amendments

Along with the presidential race, Louisiana voters will be asked to decide several amendments to our state constitution.  Here's my take on the Amendments.

1.  Medicare Trust Fund.  A YES vote will prohibit the legislature from robbing monies from the Medicare Trust Fund that provides medical care for our elderly.

2.  Gun Laws.  A YES vote will enshrine gun ownership as a fundamental right and require strict scrutiny from the Courts in gun-rights matters

3.  Retirement Bills.  A YES vote would require that any laws changing retirement for public service workers be pre-filed 60 days before a legislative session.

4.  Homestead Exemption.  A YES vote would grant the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran who had a 100% service connected disability to claim a larger homestead exemption on property taxes.

5.  Forfeiture of Retirement.  A YES vote would require forfeiture of public retirement funds if a person is convicted of a felony that is committed during public service.

6.  Property Tax in New Iberia.  A YES vote would allow the city of New Iberia to grant exemptions to local property taxes.

7.  Boards and Commissions.  A YES vote would change the membership of boards and commissions.  Some boards and commissions have membership based on Congressional Districts and we lost a district during the last census.

8.  Non-Manufacturing Tax Exemption.  A YES vote would allow the Board of Commerce and Industry to grant local property tax exemptions to certain non-manufacturing businesses in parishes that participate in the program.

9.  Crime Prevention Districts.  A YES vote would that any legislation relative to a Crime Prevention District must first be published in the local journal three separate least 30 days prior to introduction. and that the advertisement must disclose if a parcel fee for the district would be imposed.

That's my guide to the state amendments for this election.  I'm probably going to vote YES on all of them, which is something I usually do not do.

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Melissa said...

Thanks, PawPaw! We pondered the legalese earlier over at Matt and Misty's house but couldn't come to definitive answers on a few of them.