Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Perfect Yet

I see that the Brady folks have released their yearly rankings of state gun laws. Out of a perfect score of 100 points, Louisiana scored only a two. You have to realize that under the Brady system, a perfect score of 100 would be the result of draconian gun laws, a system of relentless regulation, legislation, and court-ification that would strangle one of our most treasured rights. So, to my mind, the Brady system of scoring states is ass-backwards. Louisiana scores a two because we don't force colleges to allow guns on campus. In every other category, Brady scores us a perfect zero. We're tied with Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma, with only three states granted a perfect -0-, Alaska, Arizona, and Utah.

We can do better, Louisiana. We can do much better. We are the state that hosts a TV show routinely celebrating our firearms heritage, where "CHOOT-EM" is a password. Where guys and gals with rifles and pistols take on alligators for fun and profit. Louisiana is a great state for gun owners, hunters, fishermen and sport shooters.

Based on my reading of Louisiana laws, I believe that the Brady scorecard is wrong, as is so much of what Brady does. In Louisiana, a personal vehicle is considered an extension of your home. So, if you drive a vehicle on to a state college and leave the gun in the vehicle, the college is forced to allow that activity. It is only if the gun comes out of the vehicle that the regulations of the college begin to apply. If Brady had researched the law they would have given Louisiana a perfect zero score and we'd be tied with the top three states.

CHOOT-EM, Louisiana.

Hat tip to Jeff, at Alphecca, for the list.


Paul said...

Low score is good in golf, too, Dennis.

Anonymous said...

you guys beat Texas with Brady and are better in football also. Sad state of affairs.

Erik said...

No state that has a -4?

Alaska actually got a 2, but they also got a -2 demerit for not requiring a permit for CCW. So it evened out to 0.
There's two -2 demerits available, so -4 is the best score a state can get.

And check the map, most states has less than 10!