Monday, February 20, 2012

New Spectacles

PawPaw got some new spectacles today. Sometime last week I got tired of re-installing the left lens in my glasses and decided to go get an eye exam. It's been three years, and I figured it was time. So, I went to an optician and got checked, my prescription isn't much different than the last one, but it's changed a little. After I was fitted, and found some frames I liked, I looked at my watch and asked the nice lady when the glasses would be ready. "Ha," she snorted "You're watch won't help you there. They'll be ready in about a week."

Well, hell, all the one-hour glasses places in the world and I picked the one that takes a week. They called this afternoon and I went to pick up my new eyeballs. I'm nearsighted, don't need glasses for reading or using the computer, but I need them for distance vision. Sometimes I'll lay them down and have trouble finding them later. When I get out of arms-reach, the glasses just disappear in my fuzzy vision.

That reminds me of a story from years back. I had laid my spectacles down somewhere in the house and was looking for them. I enlisted the help of my (then) young daughter to help me locate them. Her mother asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I'm helping Daddy look for his testicles."

Kids say the darndest things.

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WR Olsen said...

My mother had the same problem. One night while getting ready for bed she dropped her glasses and while looking for them the announcer on the radio asked "Are you looking for an enucation?" to which my mother replied "No da***t, I'm looking for my glasses!" For the rest of her life her glasses were always called her education.