Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cat Attack

Did y'all hear about this kid being snatched from his parents by a mountain lion?
Taking all the recommended precautions wasn't enough to keep a mountain lion from snatching a 6-year-old Leander boy from his mother's hand and clamping its jaws on his face at Big Bend National Park on Sunday night.
The parents did everything right. They had be boy with them, holding his hand. They weren't in the woods hiking, just walking along a paved walkway.
"This attack did not happen on a trail. We were not hiking," Harris said. "We were on a paved walkway in between a restaurant and a hotel, and this cat grabbed my child from me."
The parents were able to recover the kid by attacking the cat and stabbing it with a khife, but I wonder if it would have been any easier if one or the other of the parents would have been armed. A simple pocket pistol might have shortened the fight. Evidently, this cat has decided to include humans in its protein intake.
Harris and her husband, Jason Hobbs, had heard about a mountain lion that tried to attack a family on a park trail earlier in the day before it was scared off when a backpack was thrown at it.
I bet something is wrong with that lion, either aged, injured, or diseased. It'll be interesting to see what the autopsy shows when the cat is finally killed.

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