Monday, February 06, 2012


Lagniappe is a cajun-french word that is used in south Louisiana. It means an unexpected treat, a little something extra that you didn't expect, like when the baker puts 13 donuts in a box of a dozen. Or, something you've forgotten and turns up unexpectedly.

After yesterday's exploration of the .30-30s in my locker, I began considering the caliber while making my rounds today. I have a mold for that caliber, a big ole honking 6-hole mold that makes the 311041, a bullet by Lyman that was designed for the .30-30. I like the bullet, but frankly, I'm not crazy about the mold. Six-banger molds are handy if you're cranking out a big pile of bullets, but if you get distracted during a casting session and let the mold cool off, you're in danger of breaking the sprue lever, which is exactly what I've done with that mold.

However, I was digging around in my pile of molds and came upon a mold block that I had forgotten I had bought. It's a 2-hole mold, a Lee C309-170-F, which is a gas-checked, 309 caliber 170 grain flat point mold, almost exactly like the 311041. I think that it will be a dandy mold, and if I ever get around to buying another sprue lever I'll put that mold back in service.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll heat up the pot and cast a small pile of bullets and give them a whirl in the Model 94. It will soon be springtime and it's time to get ready for the spring shooting season.

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