Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, that date on the calendar when we celebrate the death and burial of St. Valentine, for reasons we don't particularly understand. As in all popular culture, the meaning is lost to time and we've adopted today as a day to celebrate romantic love. I'm sure that one of the fourteen St. Valentines would be pleased.

Still, today is the day we celebrate romantic love, so I'll propose a cartoon from the inestimable John Cox.

Milady has been properly cared for, with chocolate, flowers and a promise for supper this evening. As I left for work today I told her to pick her restaurant, any restaurant and I'd take her there this evening. "You don't even have to dress, sweetheart. You can pick any drive-through in the parish. My treat."

Am I a hell-of-a-guy, or what?

Hat tip to Mostly Cajun for the Cox cartoon.

1 comment:

Dave O. said...

You are a king among men.;-) Me and my wife took the kids out to an all your can eat Chinese place. We'll try to get a sitter for a later valentine's Day. Thumbs up for the cartoon.