Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EPA Considering ban on lead bullets

I talked about the petition a couple of weeks ago, and evidently the EPA is considering regulations that would ban lead bullets in the United States.

Remarkably, their commenting period ends two days before the Congressional elections in November. What exquisite timing. The remarkable thing would be to have the EPA ban lead bullets just before the elections, and during the hunting season. You've never seen a backlash like that would cause.

The odd thing is that they're considering this under the auspices of the Toxic Substance Control Act or 1976. In that legislation, Congress specifically exempted ammunition from consideration under that act.

The EPA is run by a woman named Lisa Jackson, a virulent anti-hunter. Personally, I think that a good dose of tar, feathers, and a long pole ride out of town would be good for Ms. Jackson.

The National Sports Shooting Foundation is all over this and there are links at the website where shooters, hunters and fishermen can go to leave comments. Be polite. Be firm.


Heartland Patriot said...

Just so y'all know, the NRA also filed a very lawyerly rebuttal telling the aforementioned Lisa Jackson why the ban would basically be BS and would be unenforceable if she goes through with it...Congress already made a specific exemption for ammunition as a specially taxed group of things...and if the EPA messes with Congress taxing things, I think that Congress will be a little KNOW how much Congress loves tax money!

Termite said...

Personally, I think decapitation would be better than tar-n-feathers for Ms. Jackson.

Rivrdog said...

If the ban were to happen, it will be:

1. completely ignored
2. completely unenforceable
3. completely unsupported, except by the few who proposed it.

I sort of hope this happens. If it does, it will show up the idiots who proposed it for their phony science (or lack of ANY science), and might be sufficient, by itself, to have the endangered Species Act completely overhauled, or put said abused Act in danger of being completely repealed when the Repeal Congress of 2013 takes over.

If the EPA somehow finds the guts (or gets ordered by Obama) to refuse the petition, it will set a precedent of some sort, and that precedent could be useful.

Either way, a win.

Reverse Coward-Piven strategy. Rahm Emanuel him-self is smart enough to see that, so my guess is that he will quash this whole business, and do it quietly.