Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lily White SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center is (probably) the world's leading civil rights watchdog. They track hate groups and use the power of law to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

The SPLC was formed as a small civil rights firm in 1971, they're based in Montgomery, AL and have been a leading force in civil rights legislation over the years.

I didn't know that the leadership is lily white. And, based on the salaries they're pulling down, there's not much poverty in the SPLC.



J said...

Over my years of running around Mississippi talking to black people I ran across several cases and people I thought the SPLC should know about. They never returned a single query of mine. I thought maybe they were too busy, but now looking at the mansion of Dees & Wife, I think I should have enclosed a check, a big check.

Flintlock Tom said...

I do not believe that ethnicity should be a consideration for hiring. That means that no one should be given preference based upon ethnicity. And there-fore having a workforce, especially a small workforce, which does not include all ethnic groups is not necessarily evidence of racial bias, as long as all applicants are given equal consideration.
I know nothing about the SPLC, but if their primary roll is the promotion of civil rights through litigation then high salaries do not seem unreasonable. However, if their roll is to provide services to "the poor", then, in my opinion, donations being used for high salaries are being misused.