Friday, August 06, 2010

New Computer

My old trusty laptop crashed earlier this week and I needed a new one. I bought a Toshiba Satellite C655 Series. Found the best deal at Office Depot, out the door for under $400.00.

I'm getting it set up and now I've got to recover bookmarks and lists. Some of the old ones will probably go away, but I've got a bunch of old ones I want to keep. There are friends on this internet that I've never seen in person but feel like we're old friends.

This machine screams, compared to my old one. I hope to keep it cleaner than the last.


J said...

I have a friend with a shotgun attitude towards computers. He thinks of a computer like he thinks of a shotgun. You buy one in 1999, and in 2009 it's still good as new so why should he get a new one? By golly, it still looks and works just fine. Never mind the fact that he dropped his Internet plan because the Internet is too hard to use. I have tried and can't make him understand why he needs a new computer. I'm to the point of telling him I'm tired of answering questions he could put in a Google window.

Rivrdog said...

J., your friend is not alone. I have a 2004 Fujitsu Lifebook C2220 (nearly mil-spec, passed a 4-foot drop test onto concrete) that runs WIN XP with 788 mb of RAM. I control what's on it, have only filled the 60-gig hard disk half full, and when the screen light inverter quit, I merely hooked it up to a desktop monitor and kept on computing.

For travel, since I am a connectivity freak, I have a Verizon netbook machine, so the Fujitsu soldiers on. The then-advanced laptop cost me $1600, and I will run it until it gives up it's smoke. I back it up to a separate hard drive, religiously.