Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dental work

I broke a tooth last week in Gatlinburg. Eating (of all things) spaghetti. I went to the dentist today and when I told him what I'd done, he laughed and told me that he sees more teeth broken on soft food than on hard food. He proceeded to poke around in my mouth and found another tooth that was close to letting go, so while I was in the chair, he deadened the gums and put temporary crowns in place. I go back in four weeks for the permanent crowns.

He didn't hurt me, but I'm sore from having my jaw jacked open. I think he had both hands and a knee in my mouth.

But, his cute dental tech told me I could eat whatever I want to eat, so I'm thinking about a big ole greasy hamburger, after a meeting at the church.


Rich Jordan said...

Keep a tube of fixodent handy in case the temp crown comes out prematurely.

We're lucky, our dentist has one of those crown-making milling machines; I've actually had one done all in one day. Pretty cool, though it does make for a long appointment (2.5 hours)

Anonymous said...

$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$

Dental Treatment Abroad said...

Yeah yeah!! That definitely had cost you a fortune! Good thing I have a good set of teeth and don't need any treatment. Thank you and more power to you!