Monday, August 02, 2010


Milady and I were heading toward town today and we heard a noise. She asked me what the noise was and I said that it sounded like a Milermore bird.


"A little known species," I expounded, "a small bird, about the size of an English Sparrow. Drab in color, mostly brown and grey. Most people have never seen one."

"Oh, really?" says she.

"Indeed," says I, "they eat late season berries and seeds, but especially enjoy the small berries from the hackberry tree. But the berries give them gas, from whence we derive the name. When they fart, you can hear them for a mile or more."

She doesn't believe me.


Anonymous said...

"She doesn't believe me"... um, can you blame her. Thankfully, when you're telling the truth, we know it. Otherwise, it's just good fun to sit back and listen to you spin a tale! :)

Rivrdog said...

I'll bet when you were a Field Training Officer, you sent your recruit to the Administrative Sergeant for a pad of Probable Cause Reports.....

Rich Jordan said...

When my Dad told us about the milermore he called them JATO sparrows... they were too fast taking off so that's why we heard them but couldn't actually see them.

Melissa said...

I almost snorted coffee out my nose! Thanks for a good start to the day :)