Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5th Congressional Race

I learned today that our Representative, Rodney Alexander, has a Republican challenger for the US 5th Congressional District in Louisiana. Sam Hannah had a pretty good editorial over a the Concordia Sentinel, and I googled the challenger, Todd Slavant of Ouachita Parish.

I like what I see. Just a small quote from his website:
Todd believes that the current leaders in Washington are too timid and unwilling to make the hard decisions that will put our country back on the right track. Appetites for frivolous earmarks, enormous entitlement programs, and stealthy special favors are problems that must be tackled.

Because there is not a regard for the limits on government, Todd believes the only solution is to place citizens in Congress with no agenda beyond defending the Constitution and clearly communicating the will of the people in Washington. It's time to fight the good fight, put forth a clear alternative to massive debts, uncontrolled borrowing, insolvent social programs, and the encroachment of freedom under the guise of fairness.
There's a program I can get behind.

Todd's got an uphill fight against incumbent Rodney Alexander. Rodney is the guy who loves pork projects and at a Tea Party meeting two years ago, defended his record, saying that he spelled the word PORC, or Projects of Regional Concern. We nearly booed Rodney off the stage. His latest ad says that he's a firm believer in the Constitution. I'm a firm believer that Rodney has outlived his usefulness.

There is no Democrat qualified in the race and only these two Republicans. This is a winner-take-all election, and we know that Rodney is going to pull out all the stops to make sure he's re-elected. It would be a shame to return Rodney to Congress.

I'm behind Todd Slavant, and that's who I'm pulling the lever for in August.

Hat tip to Nick Bouterie for the link.


Old NFO said...

Good luck, I hope you elect the right guy!

J said...

The "right guy" sure won't be Slavant. But he's for sure the right's right guy. I'll have to hold my nose and vote for Alexander.

That will be like having a choice between David Vitter and David Duke. That's the only way I'd vote for Vitter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you have to love it when Rodney calls Pork Project Of Regional Concern. More like Project Of Rodney's Concern.
I'm voting for Todd Slavant too!