Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Military

I'm a fan of our military personnel, especially those serving now. We've been embroiled in a war since 9/11 and the people who stepped forward are my heroes. Each and every one.

Desert Storm was my war, and when we whipped Hussein's Republican Guard at 73 Easting, and later when we ravaged his forces at the Highway of Death, I thought I had seen superlative military valor.

I was wrong. The men and women who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown valor beyond my altogether insufficient capacity to recognize it.

Say Uncle posts today on how some places exempt military personnel from the required training to obtain carry permits. He reports that Tam commented
There’s a different set of rules for shooting someone at West Town Mall than there is for shooting someone in Fallujah
She's right. There is a huge difference.

I am so very proud of our Armed Forces and I stand in awe of their accomplishments.

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