Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I stopped by Guillory's on the way home and bought a couple of little filets to put on the grill.  For small tasks I use a large George Foreman grill that Milady picked up at the auction.  There are times that I want to build a fire, make some smoke, but there are other times when all I want is a hot piece of metal the Foreman grill does that just fine.

Guillory is an old-fashioned butcher shop, where you walk up to the counter and tell him what you want.  They get the meat from the back and cut it to specs.  I bet if I told him I wanted a 3" ribeye, he'd cut it for me without hesitation.  Tonight, all I wanted was a couple of little 1" filets.  I also asked him to season them for me.  He uses some secret spices and puts it on as a rub when requested.

Those are about 8 oz filets, seasoned, and put on a hot grid.  A couple of baked potatoes and I'm done.  Milady likes hers medium rare.  I prefer mine more toward medium.

Guillory's prices are better than the local grocers, they cut the meat in-house, and they're a local outfit.  They make great tasso, good boudin, and their sausage is excellent.  If you're ever on Highway 28 East in Pineville, stop in and let Guillory cut you a steak.  I really like the ribeye's, but a 1" ribeye averages a pound. That's too much meat for me, so I've gotten happy with the filet.  Next time, I might try their sirloin.

Whoo!, it's good.


Old NFO said...

Oh 'thank' you... just rub it in... sigh :-)

Rich Jordan said...

We've actually given up on our Foreman... it just doesn't get hot enough to do justice to a steak (its ok for fish or chicken though). It is a countertop model; I expect the bigger freestanding ones can get hotter.

Last steaks were cooked in a big cast iron skillet on the big gas burner. 525 degrees at start of cooking.

So I do concur on the use of a big piece of metal (but we have to put a baggie over the smoke alarm because it goes off _very_ time we use the big skillet for beef).