Thursday, October 11, 2012


Testifying in Court today, there were two retired troopers and me, once retired and back in harness.  The judge took a recess and came back in chuckling, then ordered his bailiff to ask our attorney the question the bailiff asked in chambers. The bailiff sheepishly got to his feet. "I only asked "Where did he get all those retired officers?"

Our attorney rose to his feet.  "For the record, your honor, I found them all playing dominos down at the old folks home."  The courtroom erupted in laughter, as did the Judge.

And, to complete the record, we kicked their ass.  Never discount eighty years of experience when you're dissecting an accident report.


Old NFO said...

As long as y'all are on MY side, I'm all for that! :-)

Termite said...

I'm guessing that you are the "young'n" out of the three....