Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Morning Dawg

I know that I missed last Sunday's Dawg posting, so today you get a two-fer.  You've all heard me speak of Guillory's Fine Meats, and one of the things I almost unfailingly get is a sack of cracklins.  Hard little fried pork skins that Southerners so affectionately love.  Recently, I stopped by Guillory's to buy some roasts for Italian Beef, and sure enough, I bought a sack of cracklins.

Here, the dog is begging Milady for a treat.

Milady successfully resisted, but not for long.  In just a few more seconds the dog had snagged a cracklin and was chewing for all he was worth.

Cracklins on an autumn afternoon.  Ain't nothing like it.


Old NFO said...

Oh man, now you've got ME wanting cracklins... fat chance of that up here... sigh

MSgt B said...

Where's his face?

Good Lord. Get that dog a haircut.