Saturday, October 06, 2012


I had to go to the lease this morning to take care of a few last-minute details, like getting the red wasps out of the deer stand, sweeping the stand out, and putting another bag of corn in the feeder.  While I was hooking up the trailer to load the Mule, I felt the wind change and get noticeably cooler.  Much cooler than a simple tee shirt would indicate.  Before I left, I put a jacket in the car and the thermometer in my pickup truck told me that the temperature was 63F, cooler than we've experienced yet this year.

Driving toward the lease, I heard two weather reports that told me that we'd be getting a cool front later today.  I believe that the weather-weenies had taped that weather report because that front is moving faster than they anticipated, to the tune of about twelve hours.  That jacket felt good at the lease this morning while I did my chores and I kept it on until I got back in the truck to head home.

Accuweather tells me that the front will get here later today.

Unless I'm sadly mistaken, and the thermometer on the porch has quit working, that front has already arrived.  Tonight might be a good time to make a pot of chili.


Anonymous said...

Yea, it moved through here in north TX last night. I've got chicken and bacon smoking outside, and the weather has me ready for our camping trip in 3 weeks. Hopefuly it's about like this and not back in the 90s. TX weather is funny like that.

Rivrdog said...

We've had cool nights near freezing, but warm days in the 70's for a week, and terrible fire danger because of the Arctic Express just over the Divide from us. That might move out, and our record dry spell, one slightly-rainy day since June, will end soon. The hunt went terrible, your boot-crunches could be heard 2 miles away.