Sunday, October 07, 2012


We were all challenged to show our talents by our pastor, and my son showed his by designing and erecting a new church sign.  Made completely of steel, it should last until long after I'm gone.  Additionally, it is easily disassembled for painting and maintenance.

I think that's a great looking sign, don't you?  Here's another photo with the designer.

Well done, son!


Anonymous said...

That is a fine looking sign, I like the appearance of depth by having raised letters. Did you cut out the letters?

Matt said...

Deacon, he had the letters cut out on a plasma table. The sign turned out didn't it!

Pawpaw said...

The letters were cut on a plasma table and stand proud of the sign by about 3/4th of an inch. It's lettered on both sides and is very sturdy. The legs are donated drill-stem and the top and bottom scrolls are forged. The best part is that when the sign needs to be re-painted, it's easily disassembled.