Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chain Saw

Two hours on a chain saw and almost a rick of firewood in the back of the pickup, it's been a good morning.  Momma had some oak trees cut in the spring.  They were close to the barn and she wanted them dropped professionally, so she told the contractor to leave the wood that would make good firewood.  They piled it up inn 6-foot sections behind the barn and it's laid there since that day.  I let the logs dictate where I cut, so some of it is long, some of it is short.  I didn't get nearly all of it, there's still a sizable pile laying on the ground.  However, at my advanced age and decrepitude, one tank of gasoline is all I feel like running through that chainsaw.

It's all destined for the deer camp.  The firebox on our camp stove is short, so the short wood will be split for cooking, the longer pieces will go into the general fire-ring pile for use on those cold mornings when we want a fire after the hunt.

Momma's got a handicap ramp on the side of her house and she said that she's noticed a little cottontail rabbit living under there.  We discussed it and decided that the rabbit has a lot of sense.  It's close under there so the coyotes can't get to him, it's got overhead cover so that the rain won't bother him, and he's not bothering a thing under that ramp, so we'll leave him alone.

In another hour I'll get a shower, scrap my face, and head in to work.  It felt good to be running a chainsaw this morning.  That firewood will feel good later this year.


Gerry Nygaard said...

Last year we had a pretty good complement of rabbits, this last Summer, not a one. No racoons, no 'possums, and only a few field mice (Voles). The gray squirrel count is up, though.

We have and have had a metric crapperload of Chickadees, Juncos, Redbreasted Nuthatches, Stellar's Jays, and, of course, Crows (and a few hummers). I hope we have more furballs next year, I have room for 'em all and almost all of the four leggers show up at night.

It is a gold plated kick in the pants watching a little gray squirrel trying to eat corn off a cob that's half again taller than him. They hold it upright rather than let it lay on the ground. Doing it the hard way. What's funny is when one tips over backward and won't let go of his corn cob.

Gerry N.

Rivrdog said...

Bunnies showed up this year at Schloss Rivrdog for the first time since I built this place 18 years ago. We have an extended squirrel family, too. The bunnies eat anything, but I'm fattening up/baiting the tree rats with cull walnuts & hazelnuts. Never hurts to have some edible critters around the place in case Hell breaks loose and Kroger doesn't survive it...

King Condor said...

Have you seen the latists wackos wailing and crying over dead trees and their all probibly Pro=Choice wackos