Saturday, October 13, 2012


There's an interesting electoral map over at Real Clear Politics.  It shows the race is changing based on the debate performances, the Libya debacle, the tone of the race, and the economy.  In short, based on the totality of Obama's performance over the past four years.  RCP is only willing to call eight states as Obama locks.  California, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Hawaii.  They show Obama having only 201 electoral votes in the Locked, Likely, or Leans column.

There area a whole bunch of toss-up states on this map, and it's vastly different from maps I've seen before last week.  Many other polls show Romney drawing even with or surpassing Obama, and there is still three weeks left before the election.

Now's the time for grass roots politics.  Talk to your neighbors, your family, your co-workers.  Get one hundred people to the polls.  They don't all have to vote for Romney, but they should all vote against Obama.  We need to put this pretender in the unemployment lines.

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