Sunday, October 28, 2012

Democrat of the Year - Convicted of Theft

You can't make this stuff up.
The woman named “Democrat of The Year” this year by the Jefferson County Democratic Party has been convicted of felony theft by a Jefferson County jury for stealing from a developmentally disabled 71-year-old woman.
This is a metaphor for the entire Democratic Party. Stealing from the less fortunate, the innocent, the disabled. That's what Democrats do. Anyone who is still registered as a Democrat in this country should be ashamed of themselves.


Gerry Nygaard said...

Anyone who is still registered as a Democrat is too stupid to be ashamed.

In WA State, we don't register our political party preference, but even my Son-in-Law who has been a dyed in the wool D all his voting life has begun to see the light. He actually voted for Mitt, as did Da Dotter.

Gerry Nygaard

Rivrdog said...

This is the operative quote from that link:

"Nearly as bothersome as the theft itself to Maxwell and other supporters of the victim, is the fact the Jefferson County Democratic Party was made aware of the ongoing criminal investigation and honored Carson anyway."

Rivrdog said...

BTW, if shame had anything to do with it, there would be a lot of politicians of both stripes eating their guns...