Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday Nite

I've spent the day watching security camera footage, which is closely akin to watching paint dry. Some teacher claims her I-Pad was stolen and I've been trying to find out who stole it. Of course, she did nothing to secure the device and has no apps to help locate it.

She's distraught and I understand that, so I've been trying to help. If there is anything more soul-crushing than watching security camera tapes, I've yet to find it. It's like boredom crossed with drudgery in low definition. Still, I did my job, and gave them an extra hour. My brain feels like it's been filled with sand.

I came home, poured a stiff shot of whiskey, and now Milady and myself are headed to the auction. I doubt I'll buy anything but a sandwich for supper. Yet, there might be a treasure there, so my hopes are optimistic. I have to remember that I've been drinking whiskey before I start bidding. Just another day in the life of a school-house cop. The football team is going to take their ass-whipping in another town, so I don't have to work the game. I'm off tonight.


Gerry Nygaard said...

Wha'cha wanna bet that when she gets a new deivice, she leaves it layin' around and has no security or location app on it? My sister has lost three cell phones in the last six months, all of which had locatiing features she left uninstalled.

Women, sometimes they just don't think like people do.

Gerry N.

Ownerus said...

Whiskey and THAT's entertainment!

I'm dangerous to myself at auctions even without whiskey. Auction + packrat + big truck + forklift = danger.

mostly cajun said...

Goodness! the "Locate my iWhatevver" app is free and it works! I have it on MY iPad.

As soon as the thief ties the iPad into a wireless network, the location shows up.