Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Simple Supper

There's a new place between work and home, Guillory's Specialty Meats. It's an old fashioned butcher shop and we've traded with them several times since they opened last month. This afternoon I stopped at the grocery for baking potatoes, then went over to Guillory's Meats for a select ribeye.

Brought them home and marinated the steaks in a little Lawrey's Garlic Marinade, then scrubbed the potatoes and popped them into the microwave. After Milady got home we dropped the steaks on the grill until they were a nice medium rare.

That's an easy supper and a good butcher shop that stocks good steaks is an asset to the whole community. Every time I go into that place, it's busy. He sells everything from fine steaks to pork chops to chickens and bacon. While I was talking with the checkout gal today, she told me that the owner is putting in his own smokehouse and they hope to expand the product line. I can't hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

Hey PaPa, will you give me some details on that grill? It appears to be an electric model. Looks like something I would like to check out.

Gerry N. said...

There's a local butcher shop like that here in my lil' corner of paradise. I go in about every other week for a bag of spicy Landjaegers and some marrowbones for my dog. The missus usually buys two or three pounds of cold cuts, and every once in a while a few sirloin steaks. They are usually priced silly low, and end up on the grill, or in stew or stroganoff. Makes me drool thinking about it. Last Spring I bought several pounds of chicken wings to marinate and grill. They got left in the refrigerator for three days, and were outstandingly delicious. I used a local store brand of Italian dressing as the marinade. Wonderful.