Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Savage Arms

Savage Arms is previewing its new product lines on Facebook. They started at noon today and so far they're rolled out three new items. The first is an upgrade to their Hunter line of rifles. These come as a package with Nikon scopes, which is a serious upgrade. The second product line is a pump shotgun set up for security work. It's got a ghost-ring sight and they claim that it has a rotary bolt. For those of us old enough to remember the Winchester 1200/1300 line of pump shotguns, the rotary bolt on those was very smooth and very fast. They claim that street prices on the shotgun will be about $260.00, which isn't bad for a pump shotgun with good sights.

The third piece they previewed is a micro action bolt gun they call the Rascal. It comes with the Accutrigger and peep sights, and looks for all the world like a .22LR.

Now, if they'd come out with a left-hand Axis or a left-hand Stevens 200, I'd buy a couple for grandkids.

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Rich Jordan said...

I wish so many companies weren't stuck on facebook for announcements and contests and the like. I really, _really_ don't want to get an account there.

Savage rifles remain on my short list if I'm ever in a position to need a non-surplus bolt action rifle.