Friday, November 11, 2011

Duty Calls

It's Veteran's Day and I'd normally be off, but I've got to pull my boots on in another hour and go to work. The school is hosting a debate tournament and the place is about to fill up with all manner of teenage geeks. I'll be there till about midnight, come home, sleep quickly, and get up to be on the deer stand tomorrow morning.

Watching over a debate tournament is quiet duty. And, the hospitality room is simply phenomenal. Those sponsor-mommies fill the room with delectable comestibles. There's always soups, salads, chilis and gumbos available for sampling.

The Sunday Dawg is already posted, and my sister will be quite pleased. It's a video Dawg.

Ya'll have a nice day.


Old NFO said...

Thanks for your service Paw!

Anonymous said...

Hope you kill a deer!!
Your "sisters" will be pleased. Always:)
Love you,

MSgt B said...

Enjoy your Vet's day, Paw.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate.