Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sloth

Thanksgiving is officially over. The last of the travelers checked in on Facebook to tell us they are home, the house is quiet, and PawPaw is enjoying his third cup of coffee. It's a grey, overcast morning with the temps in the 40s and normally I'd be at the church by now, except that we're not having our traditional service this morning.

We share a pastor with another church and he asked a favor of us. We all wanted to have an eating-meeting this morning, but he is obliged to be at his other church for 11:00 services, so he asked if we could delay our service today until noon, at which time he could attend, and we'll have an abbreviated service and break bread thereafter. We approved the plan and I don't need to be at the church until shortly before noon. We'll eat at about 1:00, then come home for a quiet afternoon.

We got some heavy rain yesterday end last night. The deer were bedded, I'm sure and they'll be out looking for feed this afternoon. I might slip out to my close stand this afternoon and sit until dark. Then too, I might decide to sit in my recliner. It's too early to tell. The main question, is if I shoot a deer late this afternoon, do I want to be processing a deer on Sunday evening? Choices, choices.

In preparation for the noon meal, Milady is making chicken and dumplings in the kitchen and the house smells like wonderful.


Dave O. said...

I've made chicken and biscuits a couple of times, with a rotisserie chicken from the store and Bisquick biscuits. Any chance you'll share your recipe?

Windy Wilson said...

Chicken and dumplings. This is another reminder that I HAVE to figure out my mother's Knoedel recipe. The pre-packaged dehydrated commercial imitations are just that -- imitations.