Sunday, November 20, 2011

Election Results

We had elections in Louisiana yesterday, and all over the states, people were watching the returns. I voted, of course, but I didn't watch results nor returns. I got up this morning early to go deer hunting and I looked at the paper.

I see that Cranford Jordan has been elected sheriff of Winn Parish, with 60% of the vote. This is Cranford's first term, although he's been a cop for lots of years. I've known Cranford since 1981, and he's a good man. The sheriff's office should do well with him at the helm. Congratulations, Cranford.

Steve McCain has been elected Sheriff of Grant Parish, following a contentious race. The incumbent sheriff didn't make the run-off, so the voters were clearly ready for a change. Steve's got his work cut out for him, but I"m sure that he's the man to bring healing to that parish. It was a very contentious race.

My parish had a change of Sheriff too. My old boss, William Earl Hilton, was elected with 54% of the totals. Hilton has already been sheriff four terms, and sat the last one out. This year, he re-entered the fray and won yet another term. So, if I say, tongue-in-cheek, "New sheriff, same as the old sheriff", there's a whole lot of truth in that statement. William Earl originally hired me into this agency, and I consider him a friend.

There ain't nothing like Louisiana politics.


Gerry N. said...

My little corner of paradise has some fun politics too. The town has 20,000 residents of whom 11,500 are registered to vote and of them, about 4200 actually mark the ballot and mail it in. So about 21% actually make decisions hereabouts. My wife thinks that's deplorable. I'd much rather the ignorant and lazy just ignore elections and let the rest of us who actually know a bit about what's happening make the decisions. I'd really like the law changed back so we have to provide a picture ID and show up in person in order to vote, that would put the progressives (socialists) at a distinct disadvantage as the dead have a much harder time getting out of the car and into the voting booth.

Pawpaw said...

Ya know, Gerry, Louisiana instituted a picture-ID law several years ago and it's withstood several legal challenges, and it seems to be working just fine. If you don't have a driver's license, the state will give you an ID for voting purposes.

Bob@thenest said...

Though I have a federal senator who's fighting it (Florida, and he's a D, of course), I am totally in favor of voter ID. It ups the chances that when ACORN Renamed shows up with a van full of skeletons at the polls somebody just might happen to notice they aren't supposed to be casting a vote.

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