Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Herman Cain's Troubles

I'm watching Herman Cain and his troubles with women who said that he sexually harassed them, and I'm thinking about Bill Clinton. Bill had his trouble with women, too. Not just Monica and the Oval Office, but trouble with several women over the years.

Im also thinking about our local ex-governor, Edwin Edwards, and his legendary womanizing. If Edwin was nothing else, Edwin is an alpha male.

Bill Clinton is an alpha male. Herman Cain is an alpha male. Bill Clinton pretty much got a pass, Herman Cain is having to answer for his actions. That's good. Herman Cain is a Republican and we should be the adults in the room. I'm also wondering if there is a double standard being applied.

I'm wondering if these allegations are going to hurt Cain in the primaries. Only time will tell, but it's good that we're getting them out of the way early. I'm also wondering about the women that I've known, worked with, helped, mentored and disciplined, and I wonder if any of them would come forward to accuse me of misconduct if I ever decided to run for office. I've always tried to comport myself with dignity, honesty, and be fair to everyone that had to answer to me. I don't think I've ever harassed anyone, but I bet that Cain didn't think he had ever harassed anyone either.

It's an interesting question.


Termite said...

On this mornings news, when I saw that the attorney appearing with Ms Bialek was none other than Gloria Allred, it told me all I needed to know about the allegations.

Hobie said...

Yep, Gloria Allred AND that one has done this since leaving the National Restaurant Association and that none could gin up enough crap to get "real" money out of the NRA lawyers... Smells like a shakedown to me aka a "high tech lynching".

Anonymous said...

Uh, I don't think a free floating permanent inquisition by a special prosecutor leading up to an impeachment counts as a 'pass.' Anybody remember what Ken Starr was supposed to have been investigating?

bayouwoman said...

My friend who works for a national tv news network and I were discussing this very topic yesterday. She and I bot h have stories of "harassment" that would put these accusations to shame. However, we both chose to ignore the remarks/ineuendos and chalked it up to idiocy, lack of class, etc. and steered clear of the guilty parties. I do believe somebody with deep pockets is paying these women . . . and I hope it comes to light sooner than later.

hassam said...

Yep, Gloria Allred AND that one has done this since leaving the National Restaurant Association