Friday, March 24, 2017

We Get Mail

I found this in my inbox after I got home from work yesterday.
  Hello Major D,
  I really liked your article about the pressure washer attachment, thank you.  I am a Yankee living in NH.  I escaped NY in '96 after spending my life in that cesspool.  After my wife had passed away I met a wonderful Lady in NH where I was working erecting a printing press.  I was a machinist for 43 years specializing in the printing industry.  A strange twist of fate let us meet.  Life sometimes is kind in that way.  We have been married 21 years this September. Your blog is an every day must.  Denny or Major D. thanks for a daily reminder of family value and camaraderie.
dthed in NH

Well, hell!  Thanks for reading my poor scribblings, and thanks for letting me know that someone in the frozen north reads my stuff.

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