Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Trump Budget

The up-side:
.. non-defense spending at the State Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and [includes] the wholesale elimination of other federal programs.
How this translates:
 • Health and Human Services, the department responsible for implementing Obamacare and its proposed repeal, would face a $12.6 billion cut -- a 16.2% decrease
• Environmental Protection Agency: $2.6 billion, or 31.4%
• State Department: $11 billion, or 28.7%
• Labor Department: $2.5 billion, or 20.7%
• Agriculture Department: $5 billion, or 20.7%
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: $1 billion, a 16.3% cut
• Cuts National Institutes of Health spending by $5.8 billion, a nearly 20% cut. Also overhauls NIH to focus on "highest priority" efforts and eliminates the Fogarty International Center.
• Other double-digit cuts include Commerce at 15.7%; Education at 13.5%; Housing and Urban Development at 13.2%; Transportation at 12.7%; and Interior at 11.7%.
There is more at the link, but Defense spending is up, everything else is down, and the National Endowment for the Arts is toast.    Again, there is more at the link.

More is coming out, this from PJ Media:
WASHINGTON -- White House budget director Mick Mulvaney defended the administration's proposal to eliminate the $3 billion Community Block Developmemet program in the Department of Housing and Urban Development that funds, among other social services, Meals on Wheels.
"The federal government has spent over $150 billion on this block grant since its inception in 1974, but the program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results," says the budget blueprint.
If a program does not show results, it should be cut.  American taxpayers shouldn't have to fund programs that don't show results.


Murphy's Law said...

I like it!

Dwan Seicheine said...

Meals on wheels helps older people who can't get around and who are living on the edge of poverty. This is actually a VERY good program. This is not welfaire.

Dwan Seicheine said...

Turns out that the meals on wheels story is fale. The liberal media didn't check. I just looked it up. FAKE news again.