Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cleaning up Details

We're cleaning up some details for Louisiana State this morning.  One of our details is a giveaway to make money for Shoot for the Stars, the CFDA Scholarship program.

My son, the leathersmith has graciously donated a Cowboy Fast Draw holster/belt combo.    We'll sell chances on it on a 100-chance cut-up board, and when the board is full, we'll cut it up and draw for the holster.

He makes great rigs, and he's graciously offered to border-stamp it and cut the belt to fit the winner's measurements.

I shoot one of his rigs, and my daughter shoots one of his rigs.  We can testify that they are very nice, makde from premium veg-tanned leather and are very well suited to the game.

Here's my long-gun rig, to give you some idea.

Some lucky winner is going to get a custom-built rig,  It's only $5.00 per chance.


Old NFO said...

That IS a nice looking rig! :-)

Joe Mama said...

Where can out-of-state readers send their check?