Sunday, March 19, 2017


Congratulation to Marshall's Daughter, the new ladies Southern Territorial Cham[ion.  Marshall's Daughter is a shooter out of Richmond, TX, and a leader in the Lone Star Gunslingers.  She's a heck of  competitor, a great person with her whole family in Fast Draw.

She gave me an X last year at the Southern Territorials..  We were shooting in the same bracket, and when the gunsmoke cleared, she had beaten me.  I didn't take it personal, because as she always does, I got a big ol' smile and a great hug.  That's the way we do it in Cowboy Fast Draw, shooting against friends.

She has the blingy-est gunbelt in the Southern Territory, and every time I ssee her I ask if she's added any bling to it.

Congratulations, darlin'. We love you here in Louisiana, and hope to see you in Natchitoches next month.    Oh, and if we're in the same bracket next month, I owe you an X.

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