Friday, March 17, 2017

Satellite Radio?

My new Sedona has a radio that will access satellite radio, and I'm thinking about buying a subscription for the spring/summer shooting season.  Belle and I will we traveling a bit, and having to change radio stations every 100 miles is a pain.
I'm thinking about the very basic package, just a list of radio stations so that we can travel without having to seek/search every time we drive out of a station's range.

But, anyone out there with a better idea, I'm willing to listen.

Thoughts, experiences, etc?  Let me know in comments.


Old NFO said...

Love it for long trips! No more trying to find a station, only to lose it over the next hill...

Ruth said...

My husband has it in his car. I prefer local radio when I'm around home, but for longer trips where you don't care about local radio but just want music its great.

jon spencer said...

Depends on what you want to listen to and how much digital music you have.
Me, I have many hundreds hours of music on a player that plugs into my radio.
And it is a very eclectic mix too.
If you like more of a mix of news, sports, talk and music with minimal if any commercials then a satellite feed might be worth it.
I cancelled my cars satellite subscription after a year.

kamas716 said...

I'd probably just bring my own music and plug it into the new car. I've got all my old CDs ripped onto my computer. And my mother has been converting all the old albums and 45's onto CD (which means they are also rippable) over the last few years. Even when I'm just running around town I typically listen to my own music rather than a radio station.

BobF said...

I let my free subscription lapse when I bought my new car a few years ago. I have a 32gig USB flash drive plugged in and it holds enough music to go a VERY long way. I listen to my CDs (and audio-ripped DVDs) only a little at home, but they are always on in the car this way after ripping them.