Tuesday, March 07, 2017


I really don't understand how the Left can view identity theft as a minor offense for an sundocumented illegal immigrant and a major offense for a citizen?

How does a father bring his whole family over here and set up housekeeping without documentation?  Simple.  He gets fake ID.  Fake Social Security, fake driver's license, fake debit cards.  It's identity theft all the way down.

And, what kind of father would put his family through the risk that is associated with living in the gray zone of being an undocumented illegal alien.  What kind of man puts his family through that?

The vast majority of undocumented illegal immigrants may be good people, but don't tell me that they're law-abiding.  Identity theft is a huge problem in this country.


Anonymous said...

I think pretty much anyone who has had to repair their credit history with stolen identities to the various companies, utilities and tax offices will shout out a 'Hell Yeah' to this post. Maybe the Left should form a 'GoFundMe Page' for these persons and see how long that lasts.

Old NFO said...

Having been a victim, it's NOT a 'minor' issue... grumble...

Dave said...

I'm not sure about Louisiana or federal law, but in Texas AFAIK it's only identity theft if you use the identity of an actual person (living or dead).

If the identity is fictitious, I think it would be fraud, if they used it to obtain something of value.