Monday, March 13, 2017

Ferguson, and Brown.

PJ Media is reporting that Ferguson MO erupted in gunfire last night, over revelations brought forth in a new CNN documentary.
Shots were fired outside the Ferguson Market on Sunday after new footage was aired on CNN of Michael Brown on the day he was shot.'
You might remember that Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson after an altercation in Ferguson MO in August, 2014.  The story-line at the time was that Michael Brown had robbed a convenience store and was later stopped by Officer Wilson.  The altercation led to the fatal shooting of Brown, and Ferguson erupted in riots.  Officer Wilson was cleared criminally, but his career was ruined.

We're not sure what good this new documentary will do to ease the pain in Ferguson.  But, CNN is sinking to new lows by re-hashing this tired old story with a new  Their new theory of the crime is that Michael Brown didn't rob the store at all.  No, he was dealing drugs with the clerks.
  The video, filmmaker Jason Pollock argues, suggests that Brown didn't rob the store but was instead involved in a drug deal with the clerks.
Well, okay, then.  He wasn't a strong-arm robber, he was a drug dealer.

Well, okay, although how this new theory changes anything is beyond my understanding.

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