Tuesday, March 21, 2017


So, my cousin calls. (Actually, consin-in-law, but we don't dither about family).  The conversation goes something like this:
Me: "Hey, Cuz, what's up?:
Cuz: "where do you buy shotgun primers?"
Me: Precision, Reloading generally.  Why?"
Cuz. "I'm out, and I need to order some."
Me: "Well, that's where I get mine, unless I find a sale."
Cuz: "Yeah, but the Haz-Mat charge eats me up."
Me: "Yeah, but if you make a big order,"
Cuz: "I don't need that many primers, just three thousand or so."
Me:  "Find someone to go halves with you, and split an order."
Cuz: "Okay.  This catalog is two years old.  Reckon the price has changed?"
Me, (thinking, Catalog?): Yeah, you might want to call them or go online."

So, Cuz may be more low-tech than I suspected.  I put the phone away, thinking "Catalog?? Who uses catalogs anymore?"  Evidently, Cuz uses them.

So, several hours later, I'm moving around and the phone rings.  It's Cuz again.
Cuz: "Hey, we've got six-thousand primers coming."
Me: "We?  Whaddya mean, We?"
Cuz.  "You  and me!  Three thousand each.  - - Oh, you owe me a hunnderd dollars."
Me: "Oh, so now I have to come up with a hundred dollars."
Cuz: "It's okay, I know where you live."

Cousins.  We've all got them.


Sport Pilot said...

That's priceless. I recently mentioned a particular Marlin pre-cross block safety rifle I'd been searching for to an acquaintance. The next thing I knew he'd dug one out of his gun safe and told me how much to pay him for it. I was shocked and completely unprepared but having the available funds decided to end the search.

Old NFO said...

Oh yeah... sigh...

BobF said...

Safe to say Cuz doesn't read blogs on the electronic freeway, eh? :-)

Bradley said...

You told him to find someone to spit it with, so he did.

Old Grafton said...

Use at least one of those primers to put a dose of rock salt in his rear end......