Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Season Over

This morning I wiped my hunting firearms and put them away.  Another hunting season is over, and in a couple of months I'll start getting ready for the next.  Of course, the end of one season simply heralds the beginning of another, and I've got a lot of shooting to do.  I haven't pulled the trigger on a pistol in several months, so it's time to get busy with my handgun work.  No human skill erodes as quickly as skill with a handgun.

So, the calendar turns in its own way, and the seasons change, and it's time to get ready for another season.  And, I have an AR to build, and the new Scout rifle to break-in.  There's lots to do and very little time available to do it.

I'd better get busy.


Ed Jones said...

Did your USPSA club find a place to shoot. I do not remember you saying anything.I found three pounds of HP 38 for my .45 yesterday. All kinds of rifle powder availability, but very little pistol powder.

Old NFO said...

I only got in ONE 3 hour hunt, and damn near froze my ass off... It was up in Arkansas during that cold snap. Didn't see a single deer!