Monday, January 19, 2015


Let's talk about this.  It seems that it has come up in several conversations lately.  Shampoo.  Soap for your head.

Years ago, I learned that hair should be washed (thanks, Mom), and that I needed soap to wash my hair.  Fortunately, we kept soap in the bathroom, right there near the tub, so it was easy to find the soap.  In the Army, we didn't have much hair, so it really didn't matter.  It came as a shock to me that men use shampoo.  Why?  If you're in the shower, there's a bar of soap in your hand.  If it's good enough to wash your butt, it's good enough to wash your hair.  Start and the top and work down.  Which leads me to this graphic.

I think that's overly complicated.  If it says shampoo, it's for your wife, or girlfriend, or whoever shares your shower.  If you're holding a bar of Irish Spring, that's your shampoo.

Don't get me started on shaving cream, which is just soap.  You've got a bar of soap in your hand.  You don't need a mirror to find your face.  Shave in the shower like a man.

I understand that there are some (allegedly) male adults that use shampoo, but I don't think they should call themselves men.  If you use shampoo, keep it to yourself.


SPEMack said...

My thought has always been that there needs to be a combination
Soap, shampoo, shaving cream, tooth paste product that comes in the same container that I can keep in the shower.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally, keep it simple.


Anonymous said...

Just don't read the label, but Dr. Bronners can be used for SPEMack's needs.

Rod said...

Ivory soap for hair. Shave in shower.