Sunday, January 04, 2015

Savage Model 10 FCM Scout

The Savage Scout is not considered a true Scout rifle, but it was in production for several years, and it has its proponents.  With a 20" barrel, an overall length of 40", and weighing in at 7/5 lbs, it certainly doesn't rigidly meet Col Cooper's criteria,  But, it certainly looks like a handy rifle, and is probably eminently shootable.

Savage didn't catalog them last year, and nowadays if you want one, they're a custom proposition.  I know how shootable Savage rifles are, having several in the family.  The Accutrigger is wonderful, and now Savage has the AccuStock, which I've been interested in trying out.  So, several months ago when I saw a Savage Scout on the rack of a local shop, I decided to put it on layaway.  I finalized the deal yesterday, and haven't really had an opportunity to do more than simply take a quick first glance at it, but so far, I like what I see.

 The front sight is a plain ramped bead sight, and the peep on the back seems to be a Williams WGRS.  It's a perfectly rugged, durable, well-known peep sight.  The rifle sports a detachable box magazine, the AccuStock and Accutrigger.  The bolt handle has a smooth, oversized knob.  The recoil pad is soft and thick.  The caliber, of course, is .308 Winchester.

Next month, I'll order a scope for it.  I've been wanting to play with the Scout concept, and now I have the rifle to accomplish that task.  If I find that I don't like the forward scope, it will be a simple matter to change it to a standard mount.  Either way, I think I'm going to like this rifle a lot.


Old NFO said...

I'll be curious as to your impressions. I've looked at them, but haven't pulled the trigger, so to speak. I'm just not sure I need one.

JPG said...

'Way back when Savage introduced their original version
of Coopers scout concept, I took a long, hard look
and decided to take it, rather than the Steyr Scout.
I did try a friend's Steyr, and had started saving up
to get one. With Savage's offering, though,I decided
I could make do nicely at something like a third the price.

I carefully shopped the 'Net and got a very good
price on a new Savage .308. That early example didn't
have the AccuTrigger. It lacked the center sling
swivel stud, and had no integral storage for extra
ammo. It DID have the forward scope mount
and possibly the best iron sight setup I'd ever seen
on a factory sporting rifle.

I ordered a proper Leupold scope and rings. While
waiting for that order, I set about trying the
lengthy "barrel seasoning" procedure. I used a mix of
old FN military FMJ ammo and other fodder.
I was amazed at what small groups I could get with
the Williams sights from a 100-yard bench. It
was also a pleasure to plink with that cheap ammo.

I installed the middle sling stud forward of the magazine,
and fashioned a black webbing version of the Ching
Sling. Once I got everything assembled and sighted
in, I had an excellent all around hunting rifle. With
my pet 165 gr. Sierra handload, I had a light, accurate piece
that COULD handle just about any hunting chore. Oh,
I still have an assortment of more specialized
rifles for both lighter and heavier work. But the
rather plain-Jane Savage CAN work for just about any
kind of hunting I can reasonably do at my rather advanced

Jeff Cooper dubbed the .223 version of the Scout
as the "Cub Scout," and it sounds fascinating.
I hope you'll enjoy yours a much as I have my .308.