Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Never Over

Sometimes, it's never over.  I was a parole officer in 1990, in Natchitoches, and worked intimately with this case.  You can also read about it here, and here. Click on the blue links for details. I won't go into details, and I won't name names, but I learned the other day that the killer was getting out of prison and this case began to haunt me.

I wasn't the lead investigator, nor is my name on any of the court documents, but like every other officer in that area, I was grunt labor while we searched for the little girl.  I was a parole officer at the time, and I still know folks in that line of work.  I wanted to let the folks who will supervise this monster know what they're going to be dealing with, so I spent a good portion of the day doing my homework and letting folks know how I feel about this guy.  Hopefully, my efforts will pay some dividend and the community in which he settles will know who they have in their midst.

Back in 1990, when he was sentenced, I thought it was over, but he's still alive and getting out of jail.  Has it been 25 years already?  I guess so.

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Miss Chelle said...

One article I read said he was sentenced to 50 years but he will be released after 17 because of good behavior and some bill that was in place when he was sentenced. The article also said that they won't release a current mugshot because he will become a "target" if they do. I'm sickened.