Monday, May 19, 2014

Winchester 94 Scout Mount

Regular readers know that I have an affinity for the Winchester 94 rifle.  It's an iconic lever action rifle, chambered in the altogether useful .30-30 Winchester, and it's been taking game for lots of years.  Both of mine are standard, post-64 rifles, just plain-jane lever guns.  Nothing special about them at all.  They both wear Willaims peeps, but my old eyes are getting softer and I can't see iron sights like I used to.  The peep sight helps, but it's not as sharp and clear as I like.

Because my rifles were made after the '64 switch, and before the Angle Eject models, they're not drilled for scopes and mounting a scope on one is rather a pain in the butt.  They'd be a candidate for scout-scoping, but most of the scout mounts require drilling and tapping.  So, I started surfing around and found Mr. Pearson's no-drill scope rail for the Winchester 94.  This thing looks just exactly what I've been looking for.

One of those mounts, with one of these Leatherwood scout scopes, might be just the key to what I've been looking for.  Maybe come the 1st of the month, I'll order the parts and see if I can't convert one of my Winchester 94s to a scout rifle.  Whaddya think?


Old NFO said...

Woo hoo! I've been looking for something for mine for years! Ordered them!!! Thanks PawPaw!

BobF said...

Oh, HELL yes!!! Thanks for sharing -- I just ordered one for my 1948 manufactured Model 94.

Gerry N. said...

Some years ago Leupold sold an "Intermediate" mount for the M94 which used the Leupold long eye relief pistol scopes they sold. It simply replaced the factory rear sight, taking less than fifteen minutes to install and sight in.

The old becomes new again.