Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Morning Dawg

We're dog-sitting this weekend.  My second son is taking a mini-vacation and they'll be back on Wednesday, but they needed a place to keep their dog, and we were happy to accommodate him.  Keeping this dog is a pleasure, because he's a gentleman, and elder gentleman, and as long as he knows where his food bowl is, and has plenty of water, he's perfectly happy to find a place in the sun, or shade, as his tastes dictate.

Hiis name is Harley and if I have the story right, my daughter-in-law found him in a pound ten years ago as an adult dog.  She adopted him, brought him home, and he's been altogether a wonderful dog ever since.  He's protective of the kids, but other wise is simply happy to hang around the porch.

Beau-dog, of course, is a bit confused.  Harley is an older dog, and doesn't want to play doggy games.  Harley tends to ignore Beau, so Beau has his feelings hurt.

He'll get over having his feelings hurt, simply because Harley isn't here forever and by this time next week the kids will be home and Harley willl be home as well.  In the meantime, it's good to have a polite, well-mannered dog in the yard.

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Old NFO said...

Dogs, gotta love em... :-)