Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day

Yesterday was the last day for students in our local public schools, and today the teachers are cleaning up paperwork, getting ready for the summer vacation.  This day is interesting for the Resource Officers, because it represents a change of pace.  Some will be off for a while, some will work on other assignments, depending on the leave time they've accumulated.    Our retrainer starts in two weeks, where we maintain the qualifications necessary for POST certification.

For myself, I"m off for two weeks.  Milady and I are going to slip away this afternoon, to spend a weekend at her brother's place.  He's been telling us about a restaurant and we're going to sample it, then spend the rest of the weekend visiting family.  We'll be back late Sunday afternoon.

Don't look for any posting over the weekend.  I'm sure that the guys on my blogroll will provide free entertainment while I'm goine, but I'm not taking the computer with me, and I'm not sure if BIL has wireless set up at his house, anyway.

Y'all be safe.  I'll be back on Monday.

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