Thursday, May 22, 2014


With the current powder shortage, you buy what you can when you find it, and when family goes on vacation, I drop some cash and tell them to look around.  Second son recently went to Dallas, so I pitched him a little cash and gave him a list to look for.

He came back with some powder, and my portion is one pound of HS-6 and one pound of Win 231, both good pistol powders, and good for about a thousand rounds each.

I've never used either one, and I wonder how old that 231 might be, I don't believe that it's been packed in a can for several years.  Still, a pound of powder is a pound of powder and it still smells good, so I feel good about it.  That's two more pounds of pistol powder which is more than I had a week ago.

For pistol, I'm normally a Bullseye/Unnique/2400 kind of guy, but it's time to expand my horizons.

Milady and I are going on a mini-vaca this weekend, and in our down-time I'll be sure to hit the stores in the town we're visiting.  Who knows, maybe I'll find a honey hole.


phred said...

I use Win231 almost exclusively. I've used it to load 9mm, 45acp and 38spcl. It's smokes a lot and leaves a some soot on the cylinder, but it works well.

Rich Jordan said...

I like Win231 and used it in .45 quite a bit. As Phred said it isn't the cleanest... but compared to Unique? It sparkles, and it was very consistent

Old NFO said...

Good find! And enjoy the down time!

Retired Spook said...

If you're loading stout loads for magnum cartridges, (IIRC you load for the .44 Mag) you might want to look at H-110/W-296. It's pretty much the same powder, and the load data interchanges almost perfectly. Great fun in .45 Colt.