Friday, May 30, 2014

Blue Jeans and Tenny Shoes

Generally, if I'm not in uniform, I'm in blue jeans and tennis shoes.  No, I don't play tennis, and hereabouts they're called Tenny Shoes  I generally keep two pair of tenny shoes, one pair that's sorta nice and one that could only be described as decrepit.  Just last week I looked hard at my decrepit pair of tennies and threw them in the garbage, so I'm down to one pair, and while they were sorta-nice several months ago, it's probably time to move them into the decrepit category.

My blue jean inventory is in about the same condition.  Decrepit.  I've got one pair that could be described as okay, and the rest of them are falling apart, stained, or heavily worn.  Unlike the young-uns, I don't see the benefit of buying blue jeans that already look worn.  No, I want new jeans to look new, to actually have that color of blue denim.

Yesterday I remarked that I was down to two pair of jeans, and Milady made some comment about wondering when I was going to do something about that.  Milady and I don't get involved in each other's wardrobe, but she has much better taste than I have and I can count on her for good advise.  If she says it's time to buy jeans, it's time to buy jeans.

As much as I hate to spend money on clothes, it's probably time for some new blue jeans and tenny shoes.  I'll take care of that this afternoon.


Ed Jones said...

Being six' tall with only a 30" inseam I find Walmarts Wrangler relaxed fit much to my liking.

Gerry N. said...

I'm 5'-10" with a 28" inseam and a 48" wais....mid body circumference. I, too, get some of my jeans from Wally world. Usually Wranglers.

Da Missus hits Deseret, Good Will, St. Vinny's, and a couple of commercial thrift shops each week and finds most of my jeans and Plaid flannel shirts in those.

She was born cheap and had a relapse, bless her heart.

Gerry N. said...

Re: Tenney Shoes.

When I was a kid we called 'em "tenney runners". we just figured they were invented by some guy named "Tenney". We'd never heard of tennis. When we needed exercise we took a nap or went fishing.