Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally Friday

It's Finally Friday, and I've got nuthing. There's no real news fit to comment on, it's been a boring day, and I'm tired.  Something about a boring day that saps my energy.  After a boring day, I feel drained.

But, I understand that we've been invited over to Brother Bill's to eat chicken wings.  Bill makes a helluva chicken wing.  I've really got to pay attention to his technique, because it does't look too hard, and if I learn how to cook them, I can crank up the fryer on the back porch and have chicken wings a lot more often.

Milady's brother Bill is a helluva guy.  He worked the carney business for many years, traveling the country with a traveling show, working the Midways all over the US until he settled into southern Florida for twenty-odd years and worked for Coca-Cola in a bottling plant.  He's retired now, and back at home, probably one of the few people in the world who lived in Florida and after he retired, he left the state to move home.

And he makes great wings.

I gotta pay attention tonight.  Wings is one thing I've never tried to cook.


Melissa said...

Wait, what? Uncle Bill was a Carney? That's awesome!

Old NFO said...

Enjoy... :-)

Gerry N, said...

Da Missus makes some scrumptious wings. She involves soy sauce parmesan cheese toasted sesame seeds and peanut oii in sort of a voodooey thing. Only thing is she overcooks 'em a lil' bit sometimes. They're awful good anyway but I wish she made 'em when I could watch. Maybe some day.

I've got a dozen eggs boilin' right now. Later on I'm gonna smoke 'em in alder smoke then make deviled eggs with 'em.