Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The Weather-weenies have been threatening rain all weekend, and we haven't gotten as much as a couple of sprinkles.  I know that it's hard to predict the weather, but darn it, they ought to be better at it than this.

According to that .gif, I'm going to see thunderstorms today, tonight and tomorrow.  Yet, I really don't see anything within 40 miles of here.  It's all going north of my acre.  Far north.  North of my deer stand, which is 20 miles from here.

I wish those weather weenies would get their acts together.

**UPDATE** At 1930 local I heard thunder and walked outside to a nice, soft, thunderstorm.  Finally getting some much-needed rain.  May it continue until daylight.


Goatwhiskers said...

Yep. Weather prognosticator in Baton Rouge is supposed to put an article on their site tomorrow about how we need better forecasting to deal with the weather. Yeah, right! GW

Jerry The Geek said...

Yep. It's 11pm here in the Pacific NorthWet, and 61 degrees.

Forcast for the next couple of days is in the high 80's. (89 degrees Wednesday, May 14; 85 on Thursday 5/15.)

Here in the Bunker, it's 81 degrees right frigging NOW. Not complaining .. just saying.s Whose fault is it?

Hell, I'm enjoying the early summer!

Gerry N said...

When the Weatherseenies can accurately and reliably predict the weather a month in advance I MIGHT begin thinking of global cooling, warming, climate change, but not very damh likely. When the Globularist Warmenistas screeching to the heavens about the upcoming cat's after me begin to act like they believe it I, too may pay attention. Until then lamp post, rope, some assembly required.