Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mary Lies

On of my favorite blogs, Boned Jello, has a meme that it uses sometimes. 
"If you're trying to change minds and influence people it's probably not a good idea to say that virtually all elected Democrats are liars, but what the hell."
Our Senator, "Katrina" Mary Landrieu, is an elected Democrat, and she's been caught in a whopper of a lie by the Washington Post, who awarded her Four Pinnochios for a recent ad.

Turns, out, she's blasting those evil Koch brothers, the favorite target of the unhinged left, while failing to mention that she's taken over $50.000 from them.  As TownHall reports:

According to a recent Politico investigation into the Koch brothers and how they spend their money, it appears that the Kochs don’t just give to Republicans, like so many people believe, and in fact have given money to Senator Mary Landrieu. They found that since 2000, Ms. Landrieu has accepted $55,000 from the KochPAC.
So, it seems that in addition to be a lying politico, Mary bites the hand that feeds her.  Just one more reason to vote for anybody but Landrieu in the upcoming election.


Anonymous said...

Paw Paw-get this to Eaton Rapids Joe as quick as possible!
Starve the vampire!!!! You have a genuine vampire slug on your hands...stop enabling her. Next time; and there will be a next time, she asks for sumtin' say NO, NO, HELL NO!!!! Try it with me, put your tongue on the back of your upper teeth and force air through your lungs and release your tongue in a resounding NO!!!! Seeesh, you are afraid of hurting this weasels feelings!??!?!? Get a grip, you are perpetuating a psychotic attitude. HELP her to overcome HER problem....SAY NO!!!!

Old NFO said...

She's just like her daddy, lying, scheming, cheating the people she's supposed to represent...