Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Termite's Himax

Just a couple of pics of an airplane that I've been watching get built.  It's a Hi-Max, a single seat, high wing monoplane that a friend of mine is building.  It's about ready to fly, and I stopped by the hanger yesterday to look at it

There's a snout-on view of it  It's just a little single-seat airplane, but it looks like it would be  a lot of fun to fly.  Powered by a Rotax engine, it's got a pull-starter.

Weather permitting, he'll give it the maiden flight tomorrow afternoon.  More pictures then.


Rivrdog said...

Tell your friend to delay that maiden flight until he moves that starter rope to a position where it can be pulled while sitting at the controls in the pilot's seat. If he doesn't make this mod, a stalled engine equals a forced landing.

Termite said...

It is difficult to pull start a Rotax from inside a Minimax series aircraft if the plane has an enclosed cockpit. Not enough room for a decent yank. Electric start is in on the schedule, but is about $1000 or so.

And one is far better picking out an acceptable landing spot in the event of engine failure, rather than spending the time on multiple re-start attempts.

Old NFO said...

Agree with Termite... And hope she flies well!