Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday Morning

Rain, this morning, with thunder-bumpers.  I've got a pork loin in the oven and the house is quiet.  The dog is hiding from the thunder and the only sound in the house is from the oven, ticking itself quietly on an off to maintain temperature.  Milady left a few minutes ago, to the nursing home.  She takes over soon as Director of Nursing, and wants to spend some quiet time going over doctor's orders, familiarizing herself with the treatments we're providing for our residents.  I spent the day there yesterday; we were pressure washing the walks and hanging new privacy screens in the semi-private rooms. 

PawPaw is sore this morning.  Lots of time up and down ladders in a half-dozen rooms, measuring, cutting, installing, working over my head. Moving beds, arranging furniture (both so that we could work, and putting the rooms back when we were finished).  My legs ache.  It's good exercise, but my old body isn't used to that kind of work.  Like I told my nephew, I can still do a hard day's work, but it takes me most of the week.

It was nice, yesterday, doing physical labor.  It was also nice, talking to the residents and staff.  I believe that we've got a great bunch of folks, caring for a great bunch of folks and I'm proud to be part of the project. 

I'll head to the church about noon, carrying that pork loin.  We've got an eating-meeting at noon and I'll explain to them why Milady isn't with me.  It'll be good to spend time with my church family and marvel on the changes He's sent me in the last several months.

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